30 day creativity, peace and compassion challenge 

This challenge has been developed for those ready and willing to build a new life and a new world.

Develop more 

compassion for self and others.

Reconnect with your creative self. 

Anyone who has tried to meditate knows that, for a beginner, it isn’t easy.

30 days to literally rewire the neural pathways that regulate 

emotions, thoughts, and reactions.

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 What if I could show you simple techniques to help you remain more creative, peaceful and compassionate? Picture waking up each morning to your true desires with more clarity and confidence.... Just imagine being part of a community that sets aside 10mins of their day to: 

Dance, Paint, Sing, Chant, Create and Meditate 

Tools to develop more 

compassion for self and others.

understand yourself and others more as you seek to relieve suffering.

Understand yourself and others more as you seek to relieve suffering.

Improve your mental wellbeing.

Enter your happy zone and express yourself 

These are unprecedented times and how we manage this pandemic is in our own mindsets and hands!  We already know that regular meditation and mindfulness can help improve our mental and emotional wellbeing. Evidence shows that participating in a daily practice can improve sleep patterns, manage breathing and increase energy levels…AND YES, it’s been reported that group meditation can also decrease violence and enhance compassion and empathy.


 I am a true believer in the impact of the arts on our  health and wellbeing. Even the briefest time spent on a creative pastime such as painting, writing,  pottery, dancing or playing the piano, has the power to enhance our wellbeing and aid transformation.


 All this yummy research has made me wonder why more people aren’t structuring small wellbeing routines into their daily life.   Then I has a lightbulb moment. It's because they probably just don't no how to OR they think they are doing it all wrong 


 I have created a a simple system where you can connect with your values and feelings, find balance in the things you are thinking , use creativity/mindfulness for inner peace and calm AND heal the world while you are doing it!  

The system

Private Facebook group 

An nurturing  forum where  members can meet support and connect with each other through the challenge 


Techniques that help you reconnect with your creative self and help you to feel good and function well. 

World healing 

Regular group meditations and sound baths for world peace and compassion

30 day challenge 

Release dopamine doing the things you love. Essentially, dopamine is the ‘reward’ hormone that makes you feel good and motivated after doing certain activities.


Challenge starts on the full moon. This sense of illumination can be reflected in our lives.  The full moon is thought to be a time of change and transformation 

Kindness cogitation   

 Spreading love and  kindness- NOT corvid-19


I woke up on the 12.12.12 and found that I had transformed into a frail insect like creature, I looked at my reflection and it screamed BURNT OUT!, I was tired, had stopped⁠ caring, and was feeling overwhelmed…I was desperate for something more!⁠

I knew it was time to change and it was on that very night that I was invited to my first ever sound bath. It was the most phenomenal experience I had encountered and I wanted more! So I stepped right into those boots and set myself up for challenge. Within a week I had signed up to the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Within a year I had past with merits! (Huge deal for me since I basically failed at school and found out in my 20s that was dyslexic)⁠

Since then Ive dedicated myself to improving my outlook on life, nurturing my self esteem, healing old wounds and reconnecting with my creative passions. All of which allows me to take up my space within the world. ⁠

I would love to say I've dedicated my life to all things spiritual and "clean". ..But that would be a lie...But hey I am not calling myself a guru and I believe I am a work in process.⁠

l have learnt a variety of wellbeing tools to feel good, function well and create long lasting change and that's a great place to start. We often envy the talents and skills of others, but disregard the habits and dedication that they have put into their unique journeys. ⁠

I had to stretch from my comfort zone so I started saying YES to opportunities that scared the swizzle out of me. With a professional background in arts and community education, you can only imagine the joy when I was asked to deliver a soundscape at The Tate Britain.⁠. Thats another joyous AH-AH moment that I will tell you about another time. ⁠


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've never done anything like this before but I have always wanted too. The experience you gave yesterday was incredibly restorative, moving and realised a lot. Wow. Thank you. 



Thank you Nicola for the first time in about 4 weeks I have no pain in my shoulders or my neck, the stress has gone.  Very powerful session.  Loved it!


All of Nicola's workshops I have attended have been awesome.  I have always left feeling so alive.


The women's drumming circle was an amazing experience.  Nicola created a safe space within to explore a sense of wellbeing and creativity.  The absence of correct and incorrect enabled a true libertarian from worry.  I realised there was no worry about money or relationships during the entire workshop.  Only a sense of freedom and a lifting of spirits.  


Nicola thank you for this amazing experience this evening.  I am feeling so relaxed , if anyone needs to switch off, you will certainly disconnect and feel your rhythm and groove. 

Let's make that breakthrough together 

Aine Marie

The fastest 90 mins of my life.  Totally relaxing, invigorating and meditative.  I would highly recommend these session.  it went beyond my expectations.  Thank you Nicola Kelly.  You have great energy 

Let's make this the month that you finally have a breakthrough. It's time to take a deep breath in and bring more Creativity, Peace and Compassion 

into your life and into the world!


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