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Ready to Return 

Did you know that a recent survey from LinkedIn found that more than half of uk professionals (54%) have experienced increased stress and anxiety due to Covid 19. The findings shine a spotlight on the everyday pressures workers face from having to work from home with many feeling they’re dealing with mounting levels of stress. 


Stress can cause physical, emotional, and behavioral problems which can affect health, energy, well-being, mental alertness, and personal and professional relationships. It can also cause defensiveness, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating, accidents, reduced productivity, and interpersonal conflict.


Add this with social distancing measures means that  many of your employees may also be feeling lonely, isolated and silently suffering.


Loneliness happens when the social connections that people want don’t match their actual experience of relationships with others. It is an emotional response and can lead to depression, further health issues and a disconnected workforce.


I am on a mission to help organisations rebuild their communities. Imagine what it would mean for you and your organisation to have a staff team that have your back. A team who are able to deal with stress and continue to work at their optimum so together you can get through the next 12 months.  


As you have read this far I imagine that the wellbeing of your team is something that you care deeply about. That’s why we have created 'Ready to Return', a programme that has been specifically designed to support:


  • Bringing your employees together

  • Rebuilding meaning relationships

  • Reconnecting with the core values of your organisation

  • Experience true relaxation and wellbeing sessions to deal with and mange stress.

Ready to Return is an online wellbeing events for up to one hundred and fifty of your workforce that can be used throughout the year.  

Child's Pose

 Ready To Return 


Workforce wellbeing and mindfulness activities that give people:

  • Techniques to manage stress 

  • Connection with each other 

  • An increased sense of company belonging

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You already know that regular meditation and mindfulness can help improve our mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Evidence shows that regular practice can improve sleep patterns, manage stress, increase energy levels and enhance empathy.

A sound bath is simply a space to tune in, pause and reflect.

As part of the program your team will experience a number of sound bath meditations. 


Whether it is the sound of the dawn chorus, a breeze passing through the trees on a summer’s day or your favourite music track that always brings you to tears, the ability that sound and music has to move us is well recognised. Sound Therapy can be used to encourage mindfulness, self-awareness and calming feelings, which in turn can encourage healing through stress relief. There is an ever increasing interest in the transformative power of sound and music and many organisations are now introducing them into their team wellbeing programs.

These sound sessions are wonderful for helping people deal with stress but are not appropriate for women in their first trimester of pregnancy, people suffering with epilepsy or chronic diagnosed mental health issues.

Ready to Return 

4 x online sound baths for up to 150 people and bonus hand book 


Ready to Return

6 x online sound baths for up to 150 people and bonus hand book 


Ready to Return

12 x online sound bath for up to 150 people and bonus hand book



Elouise Said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've never done anything like this before but I have always wanted too. The experience you gave yesterday was incredibly restorative, moving and I realised a lot. Wow. Thank you. 

Mark Said...

Thank you Nicola! For the first time in about 4 weeks I have no pain in my shoulders or my neck, the stress has gone. Very powerful session. Loved it!

Sara said... 

The fastest sixty mins of my life. Totally relaxing, invigorating and meditative. I would highly recommend these sessions,  it went beyond my expectations.  Thank you Nicola Kelly. You have great energy.


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