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Create more compassionate conversations

with your child in five days. 

Does this sound familiar to you? News of Covid-19 and continued world chaos is everywhere.  In this digital age it seems impossible to manage what news children are exposed to and how to protect them. 

Large doses of negative information, social distancing and worries over another lockdown can have a negative impact on how children view the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a healthy balance.

Many parents are seeking methods that promote healthy mindsets and increase feelings of safety and happiness. 


In a time of global trauma it is important to support children by letting them know it is very normal to be concerned. One way to do this is by promoting creative and compassionate communication.



 How would your relationship with your child be if you could:

  • Acknowledge what’s going on in the world.

  • Let loose to have some much-needed fun.

  • Engage in compassionate conversations with them.

Welcome to ‘The Art of Parent-Child Compassionate Conversations’.  


A FREE five-day challenge that helps you make time for one-on-one conversations. It’s packed with creativeand mindful pursuits that promote compassionate conversations with your child. 

The best way to encourage children to talk about the world is through play, creative pursuits and open-ended conversation starters. This challenge has been designed with that in mind.

Each day you will receive instructions for a fun and creative activity, with the added bonus of a conversation starter to help you explore your child’s feelings and emotions.  


Day 1 - A happy place.

Day 2 – Friendship.  

Day 3 - Gratitude.

Day 4 – Emotions.

Day 5 – Love.

‘The Art of Parent-Child Compassionate Conversations’ is the first of its kind! This five-day challenge will empower you to confidently develop mindful and creative projects with your child. You will also receive helpful tools, for example conversations starters that encourage self-reflection, curiosity and compassion.


Let’s face it, the world can feel like a scary place for everyone at the moment and it is important that children’s worries and concerns are explored and discussed. Children learn best when their physical, emotional and mental well-being are in a healthy state.  Positive mental, emotional and physical health allows children to:


·      Think clearly.

·      Develop socially.

·      Learn new skills.

·      Build the self-confidence to reach their potential.

This FREE five-day challenge uses simple art and mindfulness practices that help parents and carers develop more compassionate conversations with their children. 

Over five days you and your child will create paintings that represent symbols of safety, joy, skills and gratitude. All masterpieces deserve to be displayed! You can create a gallery space so that your child can see them each day, which will help to reinforce feelings of safety, happiness, joy and gratitude. For example, you could   display their masterpieces on a wall next their bed. As the challenge continues you can encourage your child to keep adding to the gallery.


The Art of Parent-Child Compassionate Conversations has been designed as an activity to complete over school holidays to promote routine, get children ready for the new term ahead and ease any anxieties they may be feeling.

You can pick and choose the activities you want to use and do them at a time that works for you.  The important thing is to just do it!



By the end of the five days you will have:

  • Created a gallery of art that represents safety, joy, gratitude and compassion so that these feelings can be reinforced.

  • Developed your questioning skills and conversation starters that you can use with your child to promote compassionate communication.

  • Kept to a daily routine during the school break so that they feel ready to return to school.

  • Spent some quality and fun time with your child.

  • Reduced the amount of screen time.

  • Confidently explored ways to joyfully help your child think clearly, develop socially, learn new skills, build self-confidence and reach their full potential.

Here’s what you get:


Starting on October 26th 2020 you will receive an email each day, for 5 days, with a creative prompt and some questioning techniques you can use whilst creating art together. 


  • A list of 20 conversation starters that you can use during down time or bedtime.

  • You will feel empowered leading creative pursuits that reinforce a feeling of closeness and can help a child to open up.

  • The magnificence that can be achieved though compassionate conversations and creativity!


Are you ready to achieve more compassionate and creative conversations with your child? 

This is a FREE programme, all you will need is some basic art materials and around 30/60 minutes each day.


Meet Nicola, a sound therapist, life coach and community worker who has specialised in the realms of Arts and Wellbeing for over 25 years. Nicola has worked with all ages from babies to elders (and anyone in between) and is passionate about creating spaces for deeper connection, wellbeing and creativity. 

The Art of Parent-Child Compassionate Conversations is PERFECT for you if you are seeking ways to spend more quality time with your child AND will help to:

  • Build children’s self-confidence so they reach their full potential.

  • Create a space for creativity and compassionate communication. 

  • Reduce screen time during the holidays

  • Promote a healthy mindset, feelings of safety and create more happiness during this global pandemic.

  • Support a childs transition back to school after the school holidays or a potential lockdown


Don’t let another day go by without making time for compassionate conversations with your child.  It’s time to take action and find ways to reduce the impact of Covid 19 on children’s emotional wellbeing……let loose! It’s time to start recreating those carefree childhood days.



Enrol for FREE on the Art of Parent-Child Compassionate Conversations today.